How Do You Manage Downloaded Transactions in Kayabooks Online?

How Do You Manage Downloaded Transactions in Kayabooks Online?

Kayabooks Online helps you to paintings with downloaded transactions in several ways. Kayabooks Online became constructed to import transactions from your online economic institutions. You can enter them manually but downloading them saves an extensive amount of time and minimizes mistakes. It also makes reconciliation plenty simpler, on the grounds that you may see which transactions have cleared without calling the online bookkeeping services in omaha or looking forward to a printed statement.

Once they’re in Kayabooks Online, your transactions are saved in a listing, waiting as a way to similarly outline and categorize every one. Let’s look at how you can paintings with them to make sure your information is as thorough as viable.

Getting Connected

As lengthy as you have on-line get entry to in your bank and credit score card money owed, you may set up Kayabooks Online to import cleared transactions. Click the Transactions tab inside the toolbar, and then click on Banking. On the next display screen, click on Connect account. You’ll see hyperlinks to famous monetary establishments on the subsequent page. If yours isn’t indexed, input its name in the seek container at the pinnacle of the display. Follow the onscreen commands to make your preliminary connection and start downloading transactions.

When you’ve online bookkeeping services in nashville completed the connection, you can click on Link account inside the higher right to feature greater.

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Dealing with Transactions

After you set up a connection to a financial institution or credit card account, its account data will seem in a container at the Banking page.

Once you’ve finished including debts, you’ll still be at the Banking web page. Each of your connected money owed will appear in a box that consists of the stability and the number of transactions that need to be reviewed. There will in all likelihood be pretty some, dozens or masses, the first time you download, since maximum monetary institutions ship you ninety days’ well worth the primary time. Every time your accounts are up to date after that, you’ll most effective get new ones that have cleared due to the fact your remaining connection.

Tip: Kayabooks Online usually updates once each day. If you want to peer your new cleared transactions at any time, click on Update in the upper proper corner.

Click on any of the account boxes, and its listing of downloaded transactions will seem under. Make sure that for evaluate is highlighted. You’ll be aware that each row has one of two icons at the far proper. Review manner that Kayabooks online accounting services in omaha has now not assigned a category to the transaction. Confirm means it has, and it wants you to either approve it or alternate it. Check those cautiously. Sometimes Kayabooks Online gets it right, but not constantly.

Click on a transaction in the sign in to open its action field. Here’s a partial view:

Kayabooks Online lets in you to feature a terrific deal of statistics about each individual transaction in the sign in.

Categorize is checked by means of default, seeing that that is the maximum commonplace motion you’ll take within the list. Click Find match if, for example, you acquired a price on an high-quality invoice, or Record as switch. We can help you paintings with the latter two alternatives.

Select a Vendor/Customer and a Category (if Kayabooks Online hasn’t assigned one or it’s no longer the fine one for that transaction). Click within the Billable box in case you need to invoice this transaction to a Customer/project. You can also Split transaction if you want to divide it between multiple categories and/or billing statuses.

There are several different alternatives underneath the phase pictured above that allow you to:

-Add Tags.

-Attach a record.

-Create a Rule for how comparable transactions must be recorded.

–Exclude the transaction if you have, as an example, a duplicate one or a non-public rate.

Before you’re taking both of the latter actions, communicate to us. We don’t want you to do something that might adversely affect your online accounting services in nashville.

When you’ve finished, click on Confirm. The transaction will move from the for review listing to the Categorized one. It will now appear inside the sign in for that account.

As you may think, it’s an awesome concept to maintain up along with your downloaded transactions so you have time to offer each the eye it wishes. We advocate you review them day by day. Your transactions, of route, circulate your reviews and taxes, so that you want to make certain you’re categorizing them efficaciously. Let us realize if you’d like help with this.