Key Differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2 – Why You Should Migrate?

Key Differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2 – Why You Should Migrate?

Magento 2 has gone through improvement to give quicker page stacking velocity and lower server reaction times. This gives a superior all-round presentation, something Magento 1 needs.

Portable Responsive

As online business stores shift towards cell phones, this digital marketing agency in kolkata turns into a worry for any business. Magento 2 is more versatile responsive than Magento 1. The two subjects and look at offices are reasonable for survey on any cell phone.

Installment Gateway Support

Magento 2 offers support for well known installment doors without requiring any outside augmentations. This incorporates PayPal which is an all around the world perceived installment entryway. Magento 1 requires outsider coordination or customization to make this conceivable. This makes the new Magento form more valuable for web based business site advancement.

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No Extension Conflicts

The new Magento form modules permit covering of code instead of superseding. This was an imperfection in Magento 1. Expansion clashes would cause modules to change a similar usefulness.

Canonicalization Solved

The new Magento form gives a sanctioned tag so there are no possibilities having copy content on your site. This is absent in Magento 1. This is particularly useful for digital marketing company bangalore and positioning in web crawlers.

Website design enhancement Friendly

The new Magento variant incorporates the capacity to create, adjust, and update Meta Titles, Meta Description, and Meta labels for every individual page. This is an extraordinary assistance for traders that are proactive concerning site improvement.

Further developed Security

Magento 1 will lose support after 2020 and no greater security updates won’t be given. This leaves you and your clients powerless against digital assaults. Magento 2 offers better security and normal security updates to increment wellbeing.